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St. Peter's Parish Church, Hartshorne, Marriages

id Entry Date Year Forename Surname Age Condition Rank Residence Fathers Name Fathers Rank Forename Surname Age Condition Rank Residence Fathers Name Fathers Rank Sigormark1 Sigormark2 By Me By Witness 1 Witness 2 Witness 3 Witness 4
07 April 1806 Elizabeth Adams

Of This Parish

Thomas Manlove


Banns James Manlove Hannah Manlove

23 August 1802 Mary Adams
Of This Parish

James Moorcroft

Wheelwright Bradby

Banns Benjamin Moorcroft Elizabeth Adams

10034 383 25 November 1895 Sarah Adams 19 Spinster
Hartshorne Francis Adams Claygetter Levi Dolman 23 Bachelor Engine Driver Hartshorne Reuben Dolman Labourer Levi Dolman Sarah Adams Wm Edwin Beaumont (Rector) Banns William Adams Elizabeth Dolman

17 February 1767 Jane Adey

William Willis

Farmer Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Banns Elisabeth Page William Stenson

27 March 1815 Frances Adkins

Appleby, Lei & Dby

William Newton

Of This Parish

Banns Thos. Hunt Sarah Knight

01 January 1775 Ann Aldridge
Of This Parish

George Eaton

Labourer Of This Parish

Banns James Insley Ann Robinson

08 October 1732 Dorothea Alldridge
Cordwall, Stapenhill, Dby

Thomas Marriot

Cordwall, Stapenhill, Dby


01 April 1656 Maria Allen

Wilhelmus Wayte



28 February 1660 Barbara Allestrye
at Alvaston

Thomas Stanhope


26 January 1698 Joan Alsop

John Houthwaite


10211 64 05 April 1920 Ellen Amess 22 Spinster
Hartshorne George Asa Amess Collier Job Roome 22 Bachelor Collier Hartshorne ---------- ---------- Job Roome Ellen Amess A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Banns Andrew Clewes Dooley Thomas Roome

10131 480 20 May 1907 Emily Amess 19 Spinster
Hartshorne George Amess Collier Robert Gough 21 Bachelor Collier Maypole Hill, Newhall Robert Gough Collier Robert Gough Emily Amess A. Reginald Langhorne (Rector) Banns John Amess Florence Amess

10145 494 02 October 1909 Florence Amess 19 Spinster
Hartshorne George Amess Platelayer Andrew Clews Dooley
Bachelor Miner Hartshorne Edmund Dooley Miner Andrew Clews Dooley Florence Amess
Banns George Amess Rosa Amess

10098 447 21 November 1903 Mary Jane Amess 19 Spinster
Hartshorne George Amess Collier Henry Edward Boden 23 Bachelor Labourer Hartshorne Edward Boden Labourer Henry Edward Boden Mary Jane Amess J. H. Talbot (Curate) Banns Thomas Boden Emily Amess Fred Elmore
10179 32 05 April 1915 Rose Amess 21 Spinster
Hartshorne George Amess Platelayer Albert Dawson 25 Bachelor Clay Worker Hartshorne George Bagnall Dawson Bricklayer Albert Dawson Rose Amess A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Banns George Amess Sarah Jane Betteridge

9684 32 18 May 1841 Hannah Aminson 24 Spinster
Wooden Box Matthew Aminson Potter Joseph Thompson 23 Bachelor Manufacturer Wooden Box Joseph Thompson Manufacturer Joseph Thompson Hannah Aminson
Licence William Thompson Elizabeth Lawton

9754 103 25 May 1852 Margaret Ann Aminson 23 Spinster
Hartshorne Matthew Aminson (Dec'd) Potter Edwin Thompson 27 Bachelor Grocer Woodville Joseph Thompson Earthenware Manufacturer Edwin Thompson Margaret Ann Aminson G. Lloyd Banns Joseph Thompson Mary Ward

10127 476 12 February 1907 Edith Lily Appleby 20 Spinster
Hartshorne William Appleby Labourer Charles Cox 24 Bachelor Labourer Hartshorne George Cox (Dec'd) Carter Charles Cox Edith Lily Appleby A. Reginald Langhorne (Rector) Banns George Cox Martha Alice Cox

10103 452 01 June 1904 Florence Elizabeth Appleby 22 Spinster
Hartshorne William Appleby Labourer Walter Mee 26 Bachelor Farm Labourer Hartshorne Abraham Mee Labourer Walter Mee Florence Elizabeth Appleby Spencer Howard Hayward Banns Abraham Henry Mee Edith Lillie Appleby

10099 449 28 November 1903 Martha Alice Appleby 20 Spinster
Hartshorne William Appleby Collier John Cox 23 Bachelor Labourer Hartshorne George Cox Carter John Cox Martha Alice Appleby J. H. Talbot (Curate) Banns Edith Lilly Appleby Robert A.Reade

10257 10 04 August 1928 Doris Amelia Archer 24 Spinster
Hartshorne Thomas William Archer Collier Ernest John Nicholls 24 Bachelor Miner Hartshorne George Nicholls Collier Ernest John Nicholls Doris Amelia Archer A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Banns Leonard Archer Ethel May Sims

10204 57 01 September 1918 Harriet Armson 41 Widow
Hartshorne Benjamin Haywood (Dec'd) Labourer Samuel Thacker 54 Widower Kiln Worker Hartshorne Joseph Thacker (Dec'd) Labourer Samuel Thacker Harriet Armson A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Licence William Edward Reville Elsie Warren

10166 19 25 October 1913 Caroline Edith Ashmore 26 Spinster
Hartshorne Henry Ashmore (Dec'd) Labourer William Cox 26 Bachelor Collier Hartshorne William Cox Labourer William Cox Caroline Edith Ashmore A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Banns George Ashmore Ethel Elizabeth James

9783 132 09 March 1857 Harriet Ashmore 23 Spinster
Hartshorne Thomas Ashmore Labourer Joseph Sales 22 Bachelor Labourer Hartshorne Richard Sales Labourer Joseph Sales Harriet Ashmore (X) Henry W. Buckley (Rector) Banns Joseph Ashmore (X) Louisa Cross

11 August 1745 Katherne Ashmore

John Hollan


9759 108 13 October 1852 Elizabeth Askew Minor Spinster Labourer Hartshorne Michael Askew Labourer George Goadsby Full Age Bachelor Labourer Hartshorne Noah Goadsby Labourer George Goadsby Elizabeth Askew (X) John Hare Banns George Wilkinson William Holmes

9663 11 25 December 1838 Elizabeth Astell 22 Spinster Screw Maker Hartshorne John Astell Labourer William Tautershell 21 Bachelor Screw Maker Hartshorne William Bailey Butcher William Tautershell Elizabeth Astell (X) Henry W. Buckley (Rector) Banns George Astell (X) Elizabeth Holden (X)

25 November 1817 Ann Astle

Of This Parish

Henry Illsley

Of This Parish

Banns James Insley Sarah Astle

10236 89 26 December 1923 Elizabeth Astle 25 Spinster
Hartshorne Harry Astle (Dec'd) Labourer Joseph Bexon 23 Bachelor Fire Brick Maker Hartshorne William Bexon Engine Driver Joseph Bexon Elizabeth Astle A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Banns Thomas Astle Arthur Bexon

09 October 1783 Katherine Astle
Of This Parish

Isaac Harvey

Labourer Of This Parish

Banns William Clamp Ann Clamp

14 November 1803 Mary Astle

Of This Parish

Robert Hoult

Of This Parish

Banns Joseph Astle Sarah Hoult

10083 432 17 October 1901 Mary Jane Astle 18 Spinster
Hartshorne Thomas Astle (Dec'd) Collier Arthur Smith 24 Bachelor Collier Hartshorne Joseph Smith (Dec'd) Labourer Arthur Smith Mary Jane Astle J. H. Talbot (Curate) Banns William Astle Emma Smith

05 March 1798 Sarah Astle

Of This Parish

Benjamin Long

Of This Parish

Banns John Astle Elizth. Barlow

15 July 1828 Susanna Astle

Of This Parish

Nathan Bailey

Of This Parish

Banns Samuel Dakin Sarah Wilson

13 January 1723 Johanna Atkin
Newton Solney

Thomas Smith


9819 168 29 May 1864 Marianne Atkin 19 Spinster Servant Hartshorne William Atkins Labourer John Swift 20 Bachelor Labourer Hartshorne ---------- ---------- John Swift (X) Marianne Atkins (X) Henry W. Buckley (Rector) Banns Samuel Atkins (X) Sarah Ward

9901 250 17 May 1875 Sarah Ann Atkin 20 Spinster
Hartshorne ---------- ---------- Henry Burton 24 Bachelor Collier Hartshorne Samuel Burton Collier Henry Burton Sarah ann Atkins (X) J. E. Eastwood (Curate) Banns Thomas Ashmore Ruth Ashmore (X)

28 September 1640 Prudentia Atterton

Johannes Shepherd


27 March 1665 Elizabetha Ault

Robertus Huet


9852 201 20 October 1868 Elizabeth Ayre 66 Widow
Hartshorne John Gregory Publican Thomas Truelove Kendrick 80 Widower Gentleman Hartshorne Truelove Kendrick ---------- Thomas Trulove Kendrick Elizabeth Ayre Henry W. Buckley (Rector) Licence Willm Evans Eliz Carver Anne Holmes