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St. Peter's Parish Church, Hartshorne, Marriages

id Entry Date Year Forename Surname Age Condition Rank Residence Fathers Name Fathers Rank Forename Surname Age Condition Rank Residence Fathers Name Fathers Rank Sigormark1 Sigormark2 By Me By Witness 1 Witness 2 Witness 3 Witness 4
9932 281 16 August 1881 George William Abbott 24 Bachelor Labourer Hartshorne ---------- ---------- Ellen Himan 20 Spinster
Hartshorne John Himan Labourer George William Abbott Ellen Himan J. E. Eastwood (Curate) Banns Thomas Wingad Elizabeth Himan (X)

9837 186 25 February 1866 Charles Adams 22 Bachelor Collier Hartshorne William Adams Collier Mary Bennett 21 Spinster
Hartshorne Willm Bennett Labourer Charles Adams Mary Bennett (X) G. W. Elliott Banns Henry Harlow Emma Adams

10013 362 26 March 1894 John Adams 24 Bachelor Labourer Hartshorne Francis Adams Labourer Clara Moule 21 Spinster
Ashby de la Zouch James Moule Gardener John Adams Clara Moule B. Lodge Banns Jabez Marshall Sarah Adams

10097 446 14 October 1903 Robert Adams 33 Bachelor Labourer Newton Solney Samuel Adams Roadman Frances Smith 20 Spinster
Hartshorne Job Smith Labourer Robert Adams (X) Frances Smith J. H. Talbot (Curate) Banns Arthur Tomlinson Ann Oakden

9919 268 10 June 1878 Samuel Adams 23 Bachelor Miller Hartshorne John Adams Labourer Mary Peace 20 Spinster
Hartshorne John Peace Collier Samuel Adams Mary Peace (X) J. E. Eastwood (Curate) Banns Henry Burton Sarah Ann Blood

07 December 1597 Wilhelmus Adams

Francisca Benskyn


19 July 1824 Joseph Adcock


Mary Hill Thacker

Of This Parish

Banns Thomas Thacker Ann Thacker

9662 10 24 December 1838 John Ford Allerton 25 Bachelor Potter Wooden Box John Ford Allerton Potter Sarah Insley 24 Spinster Potter Wooden Box Joseph Insley Farmer John Ford Allerton (X) Sarah Insley (X) Henry W. Buckley (Rector) Banns John Finney Elizabeth Smith (X)

01 May 1699 George Allin

Sarah Clarke


23 January 1782 John Allsebrook

Servant Heather

Jane Kinsey
Of This Parish

Banns George Allsebrook Elizth. Bateman

05 April 1779 Thomas Allsop

Of This Parish

Rachel Wood
Of This Parish

Banns William Parker Elizth. P????

26 July 1720 Johannes Allwood

Sarah Stretton


19 August 1639 Oliverus Almond

Elizabetha Leech


9681 29 23 December 1840 Matthew Aminson 46 Widower Potter Wooden Box Samson Aminson Potter Margaret Kendrick 60 Spinster
Hartshorne Truelove Kendrick
Matthew Aminson Margaret Kendrick Henry W. Buckley (Rector) Licence Thomas Kendrick Maria Kendrick

10213 66 10 April 1920 William Edwin Appleby 30 Bachelor Railway Employee Long Eaton William Appleby (Dec'd) Labourer Agnes Cox 30 Spinster
Hartshorne Henry Herbert Cox Farm Labourer William Edwin Appleby Agnes Cox A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Banns Nellie Bexon Arthur Bexon

09 July 1827 Joseph Archer

Of This Parish

Ann Parker

Of This Parish

Licence Wm. Carver Elizabeth Archer

10 March 1738 Robert Archer

Sarah Wilkins


10197 50 23 January 1918 Walter Archer 37 Bachelor Farm Labourer Milton, Repton Tomothy Archer Carter Winifred Mary Holmes 21 Spinster
Hartshorne James Holmes Stoker Walter Archer Winifred Mary Holmes A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Banns Wilfred Fletcher Sarah Elizabeth Allsopp

23 May 1736 William Archer

Elizabeth Fisher


12 June 1730 Radulphus Arnold

Netherseal, Lei

Sarah Pegg
Swadlingcoat, Gresley


10161 14 25 December 1912 Walter Arnold 20 Bachelor Collier Hartshorne Thomas Henry Arnold Collier Florence May Bates 21 Spinster
Hartshorne Levi Bates Collier Walter Arnold Florence May Bates A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Banns Thomas Henry James Mabel Arnold

10024 373 24 December 1894 Henry Asbury 24 Bachelor Labourer Rosliston Joseph Asbury Labourer Elizabeth Broadhurst 19 Spinster
Hartshorne William Broadhurst Labourer Henry Asbury Elizabeth Broadhurst William Hay Banns Charles Broadhurst Esther Hawkins

19 December 1697 Jeffrey Ashow

Elleanor Mousley


10089 438 19 April 1902 Henry Astle 29 Bachelor Labourer Hartshorne William Astle (Dec'd) Labourer Violet Wilkinson 22 Spinster
Hartshorne Wright Wilkinson Labourer Henry Astle Violet Wilkinson J. H. Talbot (Curate) Banns George Wilkinson Mary Jane Astle

9889 238 24 December 1873 Joseph Astle 20 Bachelor Miner Hartshorne Joseph Astle Miner Mary Bloor 19 Spinster
Hartshorne William Bloor Miner Joseph Astle (X) Mary Bloor J. E. Eastwood (Curate) Banns Francis Bloor (X) Elizabeth Sharp (X)

10262 15 26 December 1928 Reginald William Astle 25 Bachelor Miner Hartshorne Henry Astle (Dec'd) Labourer Doris Mary Ball 23 Spinster
Hartshorne Tom Ball Farmer Reginald William Astle Doris Mary Ball A. R. Langhorne (Rector) Banns Tom Ball Ethel Astle

18 October 1826 Thomas Astle

Of This Parish

Elizabeth Granger

Of This Parish

Banns William Evans Mary Granger

9669 17 20 May 1839 Thomas Astle 20 Bachelor Screw Maker Hartshorne Thomas Hulce Gamekeeper Elizabeth Harvey 21 Spinster Screw Maker Hartshorne Isaac Harvey Sawyer Thomas Astle Elizabeth Harvey (X) Henry W. Buckley (Rector) Banns Samuel Harvey Frances Harvey

9964 313 19 July 1886 Thomas Astle 27 Widower Collier Hartshorne William Astle Gamekeeper Sarah Heath 25 Spinster
Hartshorne William Heath Tailor Thomas Astle Sarah Heath A. W. O. Murray (Curate) Banns William Heath Elizabeth Smith

9882 231 04 February 1873 Thomas Astle 24 Bachelor Collier Hartshorne George Astle Collier Louisa Mills 22 Spinster
Hartshorne William Mills Labourer Thomas Astle Louisa Mills (X)
Banns George Pearce Harriet Mills (X)

27 October 1600 Johes Atkins

Maria Bishop


29 November 1622 Thomas Ault

Katherina Fairbrother